Scientific Unit

شعار جامعة القصيم




It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Scientific Unit and wish you an academic year full of achievements in which you defeat challenges and get through difficulties.

The Scientific Unit aims to produce knowledgeable students in mathematics, Natural Sciences 1 & 2 to have them pursue their academic study effectively by helping them master the basic scientific skills. It also aims to realize the concept of life-long learning by equipping them with self-learning skills and instill positive attitudes into them towards learning mathematics and natural sciences so that they take pleasure in its magic and mystery.

The Scientific Unit administers four courses to PYP students: Mathematics 001, Mathematics 002, Natural Science 001, and Natural Science 002. The Scientific Unit employs advance technology for the benefit of the students such as computer labs, wireless internet network, projectors, smart boards and the educational resources available on the internet.

The mission of the Scientific Unit is to administer programs designed by educators to serve education and utilize the best educational practices that help the students pursue their academic study and acquire life-long learning skills. Also, to create a scientific environment that encourages creativity and cooperation among students and shows the beauty and wonder of Science.