Computer Science

شعار جامعة القصيم





The Computer Unit of Deanship teaches Computer Skills(CSC105) and Introduction to Programming(CSC111). First course is covering all the skills that enable students to get ICDL license and the second course covers introduction to programming using JAVA language. Two courses are teaching in the English language.

I) Computer skills : it has the symbol CSC105 and is taught in the first semester for all male and female students of the preparatory year and covers the following:
1 - Basic Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
3 - Word Processing
4 - Spreadsheets 
5 - Presentation
6 - Databases 
7 - Information and Communication

II) Introduction to Programming: it has the symbol CSC111 and is taught in the second semester for all male and female students of the preparatory year in the scientific colleges and covers the following:
1. Introduction to Computer Programming 
2. Introduction to Java 
3. Java Programming Environment 
4. Programming Fundamentals 
5. Getting Input from the Keyboard 
6. Control Structures 
7. Java Arrays 
8. Command-line Arguments 
9. Working with the Java Class Library 
10. Classes Creation 
11. Inheritance, Polymorphism and Interfaces 
12. Basic Exception Handling.