Academic Development

شعار جامعة القصيم





The Academic Development Unit (ADU) would like  to offer each and everyone at the Deanship of Educational Services (DES) and beyond a very warm welcome. The mission of the ADU is two-pronged. First, it caters for the University teaching assistants (TAs), and second it hopes to keep all the faculty members at the Deanship abreast of  the latest theory and practice in professional development.

The University TAs experience a rigorous, intensive academic English program that is aimed at helping them pursue graduate work in English speaking countries. This intensive teaching assistants’ program (TAP) lasts for only one year. The one year they spend at the ADU, thus, has a long-lasting effect, an effect that is expected to last for a lifetime. The program is tailored especially to meet the TAs’ needs. In order to help the TAs achieve their goals, we provide them with what it takes to do graduate work; they are exposed to all the linguistic information needed to develop the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. However, a lot of emphasis is placed on the first two skills for obvious reasons. These TAs are also advised on how to manage the “cultural fall-out” that inevitably comes with language learning.

The effort exerted at the ADU to keep the DES faculty members updated is part of what the Deanship is doing to assure top-notch faculty performance in the classroom. To this end, we hold seminars every Wednesday where one colleague talks about his/her experience. Sometimes outside speakers are also invited to deliver lectures. These seminars (or workshops) concentrate on the practical side of things (teaching methods, educational technology, teaching techniques, classroom management, cross-cultural communication, etc…. On our site on the Web, there are links to several lectures on language theory and practice. However, these lectures focus more on the theoretical underpinnings of what goes on in the classroom, so they are really insightful.